January - March Income and Traffic Report

January – March 2018 Income Report £856.83

I started Write Yourself Happy as a way to escape my unhappy feelings in my workplace and trying to find ways to be happier e.g. through gratitude by reminding yourself of the important things in life and also recognising the smaller everyday little things that bring a smile to your face. Not to mention inspirational quotes. Nevertheless, I started exploring side hustles that might help with me building a side income.  It is by no means passive but will help with my journey to FIRE, which I mentioned in a previous post. "Build the life you want, then save for it." This is a quote that I discovered amongst a Reddit community resonated with me and speaks volumes.  When you are starting your journey into FIRE, it is important that you also enjoy the journey and not kill yourself over it trying to save, save, save to reach that magic number.… Read More

Create Your Own Mood Tracker in GoodNotes

I have recently discovered bullet journaling and the power of its ability to help you to organise and achieve clarity in your life and mind. Being a digital (paperless) person, I decided to use GoodNotes for my bullet journal and to create my own mood tracker. Bullet journals are great and personal to each individual, you can customise and create any pages from a weekly spread, to tracking progress, to shopping list, cleaning spreads, planning a holiday etc It is very inspiring indeed and there are whole communities on Facebook that share their ideas and pictures of their spread. But in keeping with the theme of the blog, finding/writing your way to happiness, I put together a (rather amateurish) mood tracker which serves as a good prompt for me to slow down at the end of the day and reflect on my emotional state. Each square is coloured in accordance… Read More

Don’t Compare Your Beginning With Someone Else’s Middle

This is a trap we all fall into and so have to say myself this is something I need to overcome. We all forget that we are unique and have our own traits about our personalities. When we compare ourselves to others it is like we are trying to compare a cow to a goat! Whilst it is all good having a peer to look up to, you just have to hear in mind that you are looking at their progress and experience perhaps in the middle of their journey and accept that it may (or may not) take you a while to get there. Everyone's journey is unique so don't get disheartened by your own progress. Focus on yourself and what you want to achieve.

Quote of the week – Boring? Change your ROUTINE!

Sometimes life can be a bit same-y same-y.  This is a sign that when you are feeling beyond complacent, almost fed up, on a flatline mood level, that it is high time to alter your routine or introduce more variety/things you enjoy.  I wrote a post on identifying a 'Happy to do list' that focuses on YOU and YOUR happiness. Head over and download the printable for free.

Journalling Yourself Free and Why it is good for the Soul (Free Journal Templates!)

So guys, this is something I have been doing lately and finding it refreshing to be able to ‘brain dump’ all my thoughts onto paper (or electronic e-ink device, my current fave!). Journalling is free form writing and your private space to spill your thoughts out on paper. It is believed journalling like this brings out your inner dreams and desires. For someone like me who doesn’t feel like they know who they are anymore, lost in the world of responsibility, mundane routine or work, commute, sleep, it is easy to forget what you WANT and what you LIKE. What do I write about? It doesn’t have to be reams long unless you want to write that much but some of the things I have been doing are: Every morning 3 things I am grateful for What would make today great 3 Affirmations Every night 3 things that went well… Read More

Quote of the week – Love Yourself

It is important to look after number one.  We often put others before us and end up neglecting ourselves.  To give the best we can to others, we must first focus on ourselves and making us the best version of us we can be.  Don't compare yourself to others as we are all unique.  There are only one of us after all.  I sense another quote...!

Quote of the week – Nirvana – A State of Perfect Happiness

Ideally we all want to reach a state of Nirvana.  When I found this quote, it resonated with me.  Nirvana is to let go of greed, envy and hatred amongst other negative feelings. It is hard to transform your state of mind and connect with your inner peace and compassion when there are so many temptations such as the media, your social circles.  Perhaps the way forward would be to meditate to connect with the present and cut out the dead wood in your life.